15 differences that love relationships do not survive


Opposites may be attracted to some romantic comedies, but if you are following this rule in your private life, after a few months you will realize that not all differences can survive the relationship.

Most often, these are the 15 differences for which the connections end:

1. Both of you have different attitudes and desires about spending money.

2. Humor is incompatible.

3. One is the morning, the other night bird. The internal clock of the organism can be an obstacle to normal functioning.

4. The priorities are not the same or at least approximate.

5. The ways you relax and want to spend your free time is quite different.

6. You have disagreements regarding health and a healthy lifestyle.

7. You can never agree that the cup is half full or half empty.

8. The varying pace of development and progress can be a problem.

9. Different expressions of emotion.

10. You can not reconcile whether it is better to give yourself space or to keep yourself together.

11. The level of intelligence is very different.

12. You have many different views regarding the spiritual.

13. You can not agree on children.

14. The style of solving problems and quarrels are totally opposite.

15. You can not find an activity in which both of you will enjoy.


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