A new trend for women: How to experience orgasm with breathing?


Breathing is “the latest trend,” and proper breathing can be helpful for mental and physical health. Studies have shown that average teens and adults only use a third of the breathing capacity.

 A new trend for women: How to experience orgasm with breathing?

Breathing is also a coercive behavior because when we hold our breath to cope with emotions and stress, we also tighten the muscles that help us to breathe. Keeping the air when you are under stress gives the opposite result of the desired one, and the best way to handle it is to breathe with the diaphragm.

Did you know that breathing exercises that are useful for concentration and better memory can help you improve sex life too? In addition, this is really simple and you just need to breathe with your partner.

Joint breathing can create greater intimacy and familiarity. Keeping the air as you get closer to orgasm is a common instinct, but it can reduce the amount of oxygen in the body and give it the opposite result.

To experience really explosive orgasm, do the following:

1. Start with deep inhalation and exhalation to increase your blood flow, but also the feeling of intimacy.

2. When you feel you are approaching the top, continue with deep breathing.

3. When orgasm begins, try to continue breathing and relax. At first, you will feel strange, but do not give up. This way you will not only improve your orgasm, but you will feel closer with your partner.


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