A simple trick that flies will not enter your home  


In addition to being boring, flies are also a source of contagion.

Namely, flies transmit about a million bacteria and have caused about 600 different diseases such as pneumonia, urinary infection and food poisoning.

One of the simplest, and in many ways, the most effective way to prevent flies from entering your home is to fill an ordinary transparent bag (like those for a refrigerator) with clean water.

Fill it in half and tie it firmly. Hang it in front of the door or the windows you leave open.

This way you will prevent flies from entering your home.


Due to the structure of her eyes, the clear water-filled bags act like a spider web, so they do not approach them.

Experts claim that the water bag makes them disoriented and produces some sort of illusion, which makes them not getting closer to the bag.


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