A video captured from a plane in Ireland has caused UFO hysteria


A video showing a mysterious object hovering over the coast of Ireland was posted on YouTube.

The 70-second pistol recorded an anonymous traveler on a flight from Dublin to Prague on December 28, 2018 and was uploaded to YouTube by the mavi777 user along with footage of other alleged unidentified flying objects

On a video that mavi777 describes as a “strange UFO” video, a perfectly circular object is seen as slowly floating over the Irish coastline.

The footage already has more than 3,300 reviews, as well as many comments – from conspiracy theorists and skeptics.

UFO theory advocates are in hysteria and congratulate him on mavi777 who “finally recorded evidence”. Some say the video is “wonderful” and “fantastic,” and one user even notes “some kind of dust coming out of the mysterious object”.

Skeptics suspect that the alleged UFO is just a huge circular reservoir.


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