After 1,000 years: The first Viking-style wedding in Norway



A car-free wedding, it looked like a thousand years ago. Norwegian couple were married at a Viking ceremony. The former cosmetician, Elizabeth Dalset (27), sent singers as she approached his boyfriend, Run Dalset, 36, on the shores of a Norwegian lake. The ceremony was led by Gogy’s pagan priest.

This couple has a son of six months, named Ragnar, and the groom resembled Ragnar from the popular television series “Vikings”.

The couple consistently respected the theme of their wedding – clothing, hairstyle, priestess and ships – was in the style of the Vikings. For this day, two long ships were specially made, following the example of those who used the Vikings, reports Daily Mail.

The couple also had a “blood ritual” in which pig blood poured on stones and covered with figures representing gods.

The beautiful bride Elizabeth said that they also had “live music on which their ancestors played”.

Their romance began two years ago, and Elizabeth knew nothing about paganism and tradition of the Vikings, but attracted the topic followed by her partner.

She says that Rune has opened a completely new world in which she fell in love.

Their friends from this pagan movement, working to preserve those rituals, were included in the organization of the wedding, the first Viking-style wedding in the last 1,000 years in Norway.


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