After the sharp decline, the value of cryptoavalts began to grow


The market of crypto-currents experienced an unexpected turn and surprised even analysts. The value of the largest crypto-currents – bitcoin, ethereum and litecoin, has grown suddenly and continues to grow.

Litecoin, often referred to as silver crypto-valv, has been the fastest growing, increasing its value by more than 30% in just a few hours.

This increase is greatest in 2019 and it comes as a surprise, after several months of constant decline in the value of all crypto-currents.

Bitcoin has been experiencing a constant loss of value for nearly seven weeks before delivering an unexpected turn of more than $ 200 a token in just 24 hours. In a period of only half an hour, the value of bitcoin climbed for an extra hundred dollars.

The positive direction of the movement of the value of crypto valves will be a major relief for the investors on the market, which testify to a steady decline in the value of all crypto-currents since bitcoin has recorded the largest increase so far, and at the end of 2017 it cost about $ 20,000 per token.


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