An employee of BMW steals millions of dollars from the firm for three years


A 50-year-old BMW employee stole more than $ 1 million from the firm for three years. Although she had an official vehicle at her disposal, she decided to buy an American coupe with the stolen money.

American Vanessa Vins-Smol steals money from BMW’s representative office in Darien, Connecticut, to buy luxurious things, including a new sports car, but not from BMW’s offer.

Vanessa, who worked at a high position in the salon of the German manufacturer, stolen the money she spent at the competition – at Ford’s salon. For $ 50,000, she bought Mustang.

But it’s just a drop in the consumer ocean of Vanessa. During the trial, it was determined that by October 2017, it had “eased” the company’s bill for $ 1.1 million. Except for the car, she spent the money on expensive first-class trips and with her husband visited Jamaica, Australia, Hawaii and Mexico. She spent some of her money on renovating the house, on aesthetic surgery and expensive clothes.

The court found him guilty and sentenced him to 30 months in prison. He will also have to return the money and pay the collateral for the stolen money and return everything he has bought that can be sold.

So far, it has returned about $ 200,000 and a new car.

Vanessa worked at a high position in the company with an annual salary of $ 150,000 and an official luxury car available. But it was obviously not enough for loyalty to the company.


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