Another good reason for morning sex


Sex is generally good for you: it reduces stress, strengthens immunity, helps to soothe pain, improves memory, keeps you in good physical form, rejuvenates you, protects your heart …

Morning sex has another advantage – makes you more productive at work.

A survey conducted by the Mattress Advisor on nearly 1,000 respondents living with their partners has shown that many consider it more productive during the day if they had morning sex.

In fact, 53% of men said that morning sex has a positive impact on their productivity, and more than 45% of women confirmed it.

However, 33% of men and 43% of women thought that sex in the morning had no particular effect on their productivity, while 7% of men and 12% of women said they felt less productive.

When they needed to rank morning activities for a good day, those who said they were more productive said that morning sex was in fourth place on the list of priorities after going to the evening, drinking coffee and showering.

Men were more willing to sacrifice sleep at the expense of sex (men would give up 41.5 minutes of sleep on average and women 30.7 minutes).

So that you do not have to sacrifice anything, organize yourself better: prepare your clothes from the previous day, exercise the evening instead of running a sabbath, keep reading the e-mails for the way to work.

If you have sex more often in the morning, you will be able to easily insert it into your morning routine.


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