Apple banned Facebook from installing applications on the iPhone


It seems that two of the world’s largest giants entered the “war” because they represent different values. Apple today blocked Facebook’s internal apps from their iPhone models.

The ban on installing Facebook apps means that the company will not be able to test unpublished versions of Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and other public applications, and as part of the blockade, Facebook’s Internet software is also banned.

This ban comes after it became known that Facebook paid children and adult users to track all activities on their phones, including their browsing history, private messages and current physical location. People who participated in this program on Facebook were given $ 20 a month to hand over control over their devices to the company. Facebook says the scheme was designed to improve the company’s products.

Data collection is thus forbidden for applications available in the Apple App Store. To circumvent this restriction, Facebook used a special exception to the rules that are part of the Apple program, which allowed them to make their apps available for Apple devices, but outside of the App Store.

Facebook has already announced that it will cease the practice of paying users to use their information, but only for Apple users, not for those who use Android-based smartphones. At first, the company tried to deny the rumors, and then admitted it used that “buying data”, with Facebook officials saying it was not the full version of the story.


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