Apple “sells” iPhone models with fake specs


Investigators filed a lawsuit against Apple last week stating that the US company is not telling the truth about the specifications of the screens on their models from production line X.

The payout that was filed with the California District Court claims that Apple falsely represents the size and number of pixels on their iPhone, XS and XS Max models.

The persons who filed the lawsuit require the court to take classical legal action against the company. At least for now, Apple did not respond to the complaint, nor to the accusations.

The lawsuit states that Apple is lying about the size of the display by inserting in the numbers the parts that do not have a screen, such as the corners and side parts of the phone. According to plans, the screen of the new iPhone models is not the same size as it says in the specifications – instead of the released 5.8 inches, the iPhone X screen size is about “5.6875 inches”.

In addition, plaintiffs say that the iPhone X has a lower resolution on the screen than it says in its specifications. The specified model should have a resolution of 2,436 x 1,125 pixels, but the product does not contain true pixels with red, green and blue sub pixels in each of the pixels, but only two sub pixels. The investigation suggests that the iPhone 8 Plus has a better quality screen than the iPhone X.

Apple’s lawyers and legal team have so far no comments on the case.


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