Better sex with regular running


Many people who started running regularly did not assume that this physical activity will affect the sex life. However, the latest research has shown that intense training on the racetrack can improve your performance in the bedroom.

The relationship between sex and running is evident in many aspects, and one of them refers to the increased secretion of the hormone of happiness, endorphins, which increases self-esteem and general positive mood.

These are just a few reasons why running is good for your sex life:

Good ass

Running strengthens the muscles of the legs, which means a fantastic shaped butt that is a subject of sexual attraction for many, and for you reason you feel more attractive.


Testosterone plays an important role in maintaining reproductive health. Research has shown that by two hours of exercise, the concentration of testosterone in the body increases, but it should be emphasized that excessive physical activity can lead to a decline in the level of this hormone. So, warm up on the racetrack and finish the workout with a party sex.


Running is a key physical activity in the process of weakening and tightening the body, and with it the running people feel more comfortable and more attractive, resulting in increased self-confidence in everything they do, and this is most reflected in sexual activity.

Senior couple running in park


The running condition will easily be reflected in the bedroom. Studies have shown that men aged 40 to 60 who regularly run have better sexual performance than men who are 20 years younger and not physically active.


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