BMW will make all M models electrically powered


The German giant, BMW, has plans to make every model of its M Division electrically powered.

M Division of the Bavarian manufacturer Frank Wang Mel announced that BMW will realize this ambitious project by the end of the next decade.

BMW M is the first association of sports DNK, powerful engine, rear-wheel drive (the new M5 has a four-wheel drive), a fantastic design.

The Bavarians announced in the previous few days that they plan to have a new generation of M vehicles with front-wheel drive, and while it’s the only plan, limited to several models, electrification is guaranteed.

“It will happen step by step. An important question is the timing, which is the right moment for such a thing? If we are late, then we are late, if we hurry, then we will not have top technology. Today’s components for the electrification of vehicles are quite heavy, and for us in the sports sector, the weight and the relationship between the strength and weight of the vehicles are crucial, “said Van Mel.

BMW has ambitiously entered the electrification program of its vehicles, and have a plan that, by 2025, 15 to 25 percent of BMW vehicles should be powered by an electric drive.

“The main goal lies not so much in the components and technology, but in philosophy. We want the M3 to be M3, “concluded the director of the BMW M Division.


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