Caesar salad


Recipe for the preparation of delicious and fast Caesar salad.


4 slices of bread baked in toast or duplex

200 grams of mayonnaise

100 grams of parmesan

Onion, parsley, olive oil

1 piece lettuce (lettuce)

500 grams of white meat

200 grams of smoked bacon

Salt and pepper


Cut the pieces of bread or cork into small pieces about 1 cm in size. In a heated oil, put the finely chopped garlic to fry, add the diced bread to fry together with garlic. Once the bread gets a nice color, add finely chopped parsley and parmesan, then mix well and remove the pan from the fire to cool.

Put the finely chopped garlic into mayonnaise and add finely chopped parsley, salt and pepper, mix well and place in cooler to cool. Cut the bacon into cubes and fry it in a pan of heated oil, then fry the chicken in the same oil meat chopped into pieces.

Chamomile cut into thin strips and add the overflow of mayonnaise to it, so mix well and put in a serving bowl. Put on the salad chicken meat, smoked bacon and finally baked bread. Decorate with Parmesan and serve.


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