Clooney defends Megan Markle: You do not push her, we all know how Diana ended up


Hollywood actor George Clooney has been announced in connection with Megan Markle and the status of Duchess of Sussex in the media.

He compared her situation to that of Princess Diana, the mother of her husband Harry, and added that the media are putting too much pressure on Megan.

“It is pregnant and persecuted and pressured by the same pressure that Diana had previously put in, and we all know how that situation ended,” said Clooney, alluding to the car crash that killed the Princess of Wales in 1997 after chasing the paparazzi.

He also revealed that he may be the godfather of Megan’s baby and Prince Harry to be born in April.

Clooney is not the only one who has defended Megan. Five women from the narrower circle of her friends decided to talk about the whole situation for People magazine.

“Meg is silent and patient, has not spoken and has not responded to many lies. We are afraid that it can harm her or the baby. No one should be given such stress, and especially not by a pregnant woman, “they say.


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