Coffee before training – what experts say?


Coffee is most commonly consumed in the morning to wake up better, but caffeine plays an important role in your exercise regimen.

Coaches and athletes say that caffeine continues the durability of exercising for 5 to 20 minutes, which means that a cup of coffee before training is a great choice.

But how and when?

“Your body needs carbohydrates, fats and proteins to withstand the workout. If you want to have coffee before a workout, do not drink it instead of a meal, but as part of a meal, “said nutritionist Megan Medrano.

Fitness instructor Brennan Maya says he gets a dose of energy from a cup of coffee but drinks 45 minutes before the workout.

Studies have shown that caffeine concentrations in the body are at the highest 45 after drinking coffee. From that moment on, your body has the most benefit from caffeine, and then it reduces its effect.

It is important, of course, not to overdo it with caffeine. The recommendation from experts at the Mayo Clinic is 400 mg daily or 4 cups of coffee.


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