Dessert in three colors


Prepare a tasty and simple dessert in three colors.



300 grams of apricots

2 packs of vanilla sugar

150 ml of water

50 grams of sugar

1 tablespoon densities

1 pudding of chocolate

300 ml of milk

200 grams of sour cream

200 ml of sweet cream

2 teaspoons of honey


Apricot cleanse them from the seeds and chop them into cubes, put them in a pot of fire, and add vanilla sugar, water and sugar. Allow the mixture to boil for about 5 minutes. Mix in a bowl a tablespoon of dentine with a little water and place it in the pot to boil, mix and after a few minutes remove the mixture from the fire, in order to cool down.

Chocolate Filet: Prepare the pudding of chocolate in the usual way and place it on the bottom of the glass in which you will serve the dessert.

White Fill: Sweet cream squeeze it with a mixer, then add sour cream and honey and mites until the mixture gets the required density. Place the white fillet on the black fillet in the glass, finally put the cooled apricot flask and decorate.


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