Dieselgate in 2019 will cost Volkswagen two billion euros


The scandal involving data on emissions of harmful gases from diesel vehicles will cost the German automotive giant Volkswagen a further two billion euros in 2019, the Borzen Zeitung weekly said.

In a statement to the German newspaper, Volkswagen’s chief financial officer, Frank Waters says that these two billion euros will be linked to the 5.5 billion euros worth of shares that the company suffered during the 2018 due to the affair.

Since 2015, Volkswagen has paid over 27 billion euros for the affair.

This amount includes out-of-court agreements with investors and consumers related to the affair, the penalties imposed on the company by the regulatory authorities due to fraudulent data, as well as the costs of removing the problems that have contributed to a high level of emissions of harmful gases from diesel vehicles of the German automobile giant.


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