Do this before bedtime, it will greatly help you


The best relaxation technique is massage. It’s even better when you can give yourself a massage. Foot massage has positive effects on overall health.

Massage improves blood flow, stimulates secretion and sweat, improves metabolism, reduces fat and accelerates blood flow through the tissue. It is also good because of the beauty of the skin and makes it elastic and healthy. With this we get a youthful look.

Massaging improves posture, condition and appearance of muscles. It affects muscles to stretch and relax. It eliminates the acid that creates cramps and relieves digestion.

It is known that massage and pressure on certain points of the feet affects the treatment of diseases and helps in the work of organs.

You need to massage your feet before going to bed every day. The treatment you can give yourself is about 10 to 15 minutes.


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