Do you need to eat something after training?



Once you finish your training, or you go to eat immediately, or you do not even think about food.

One group of people think that the body should be fed immediately, while others think that by entering new calories you sabotage your own way to attenuation.

“Some people do not even have an appetite after they are well swept,” says nutritionist Heidi Kolnik.

Namely, studies have shown that bodybuilding exercises reduce the hormone that is credited with stimulating appetite, and can take up to three hours after training until you feel hungry.

However, experts say it is important to eat after training.

“If you do not eat something within an hour after you leave the gym, it can have bad consequences for you. Later you will be even more hungry and you will eat more, “Haydie explains, adding that after training you do not need to eat high-calorie foods, but simply enough, like yoghurt or bananas, apples, or drink chocolate milk.

“As long as you enter the nutrients that will return your lost energy, you do not have any problems,” Skolnik believes.


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