Eating meat can cause excessive sweating


Once you have an excessive amount of meat, it is possible to start swinging for a short time and seeing an “uncollected local sweat”.

Science says the term really exists.

“Swine flu” is a psychotic reaction that may occur in some people after eating too much protein-rich foods.

There are several things that happen in the human body when swollen because of a high percentage of proteins.

Eating is a complex process involving the brain, mouth, salivary glands, blood vessels, muscle in the digestive system, stomach, pancreas, bile and liver. This process requires a lot of energy, and the type of foods that feeds determines how much energy your body uses during a meal. It is called thermogenesis.

Alcohol and proteins need more energy to metabolize compared to other foods because of the metabolic pathways the body uses to absorb them.

By ingesting large amounts of protein, the body temperature increases because the body works harder to burn them, compared to foods consisting of fruits, vegetables or cereals.

That’s why we sweat when the body processes the proteins. Some doctors compare it with an attempt to run against the wind.

“Meat sweat” occurs in some people while eating or immediately after eating meat, while in others it can happen later when the body processes the meat.

Sweating from meat depends on the condition, weight, diet and other health factors in each person individually.

To prevent this sweating, take into account the amount of meat you eat in the day and make sure you do not eat the whole portion at once and do not eat meat in combination with alcohol. Also, practice to speed up metabolism.


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