Every fifth smartphone will support 5G by the end of 2021.



The next major innovation in the global smartphone market will be the introduction of the first devices with overlap displays, as well as the construction of 5G networks. Most of the smartphone manufacturers are already preparing for this new step by equipping new models with 5G technology.


Many users have a desire to use such devices in their everyday life, but it will take time before this is accomplished. Analysts are confident that next year we will see 5G smartphones, but their price will be very high for most consumers, Digitimes reported.

However, this will be the first major step in the promotion of technology. It takes at least two years before 5G smartphones become the leading factor in the mobile industry. This will happen barely in 2021, when this innovation will become an indispensable feature of most new models from leading manufacturers. The trend will deepen by the end of 2022. 5G devices will generate 18% of the smartphone market sales.

Technological barriers will hinder the integration of 5G chips into Internet of Things (IoT) devices. Therefore, by the end of 2021, over 97 percent of all 5G devices will be smartphones. Only then will we gradually begin to see other smart devices with technology.

It’s about a time when we can all benefit from the benefits of 5G networks, and the next three years will be key to achieving this goal.


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