Every seventh person cheats on the partner during the holidays


The combination of relaxation besides alcohol, joint business friends and seeing people in a different edition in every seventh person results in infidelity, according to the latest research, Daily Mail reports.

While it appears that social networks, forums, and various correspondence applications are places where most infidelities are beginning, a new survey reveals that New Year’s parties have the same effect. Especially those business.

Men are worse when it comes to infidelity; they are twice as likely to be betrayed by women. Every fifth man admits he could commit adultery in such a New Year atmosphere, while every ninth woman is thinking it.

To make it easier to bear with disbelief, most respondents support the thesis “what you do not know, it will not hurt you” because they think that they can not influence whether they will actually commit infidelity or that they will have enough image to conceal and infidelity to be reduced solely to a brief physical adventure.

In order not to fall into temptation, you can follow these tips:

1. Observe the amount of alcohol

2. Find a time to socialize and interact with your partner

3. Conversation, because infidelities occur in relationships where communication is poor

4. Partner’s freedom – the more people have freedom in the relationship less cheated.


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