Facebook has them Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp


On their surprise, do not go. Daily Facebook shares are working on a system of exchanged postings that allows them to mess with Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp to communicate with me.

Several times have served to function as an unviable apple, but Facebook has been mitigating the infrastructure so that only a few apps can communicate with other apps, and that’s why it’s the ecosystem of the company.

According to the name of the newspaper, the applications have a memento enkriptya. So far, it is not a good idea when it comes to applying the appliqués, and for the information we need to keep track of.

This is why they are able to communicate with people in different ways, Facebook is hungry to keep them in touch with others, and can attract new ones due to the ease of mexican communication. However, it is very likely that Facebook will increase its number of advertisements in different applications, now when the three have one function.

Facebook has a lot of people on its platforms for social media, and it could be a whole thing to remove competitors when it’s the right way to communicate with people.


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