Fantasy turns to failure: Victoria’s Secret is losing its popularity


The most famous brand for underwear faces problems.

Statistics show that this year’s Victoria’s Secret show had the lowest ratings in the history of the fashion show.

This year, there were only 3.3 million spectators, while last year the show saw 5 million, which is in turn less than 9 million of the figure in 2014.

What are the reasons for the decline in popularity?

Some believe that this is due to the termination of the CBS agreement and the switch to ABC, while others believe that the show becomes unpopular because it is not sufficiently inclusive.

Victoria’s Secret marketing director Ed Razek had to make an apology for the lazy comments on the LGBT community and plus model’s models.

He said that they did not fit into the “fantasy” that the brand is known for, which has come up with a lot of criticism from plus size models, and singer Halsy canceled the show at this year’s show.

This is not the only problem that the brand faces.

Victoria’s Secret’s sales have also fallen sharply, and the extremely low prices have not helped to sell stocks in two-week discounts.

Analyst Rendal Konyk said Victoria’s Secret is nearing a halt if she continues with such policies.


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