Fitness tips: Five reasons why you should run on stairs  


Can not get out of work in time to go to the gym? Do not have a gym or runway nearby? You certainly have everywhere – stairs.

This underestimated exercise technique is one of the most effective and will not replace all exercise equipment. Even if you have a training plan for which you are running, there are still reasons why you should insert staircase runs into your fitness schedule.

These are the five main reasons why you should start running down the stairs, today.

You can practice everywhere

No matter where you live or work, stairs are everywhere, outdoors and indoors, which means that neither weather conditions are an excuse for not making at least one series.

It does not take extra time

Since the basic “equipment” for this exercise is available to you everywhere, this means that you will not lose extra time around the workout. Also, running up the scales for a short time activates the entire body, accelerates the pulse and quickly starts burning calories.

Activating the muscles

The best thing about running on scales in terms of workout efficiency is that it activates the muscles of the whole body, especially on the legs. Vertical effort helps to activate and maintain an active state of muscle that would otherwise not activate, for example with normal running.

Cardiovascular system

The staircase runs “the cardiovascular and respiratory system”, which means that with this exercise you will receive the same benefits as intense cardio training.


Running in the scales is a great exercise by itself and a physical activity that you can do when you do not have time for another training. But it is also an activity that you can and should fit into your exercise routine as it increases fitness and strength. For example, if you are preparing for a marathon, running up the scales will help you activate those muscles that are not very active during running on a flat and increase the general strength of the body.


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