Five kinds of foods that are an ideal substitute for bread  


When you want to remove bread from your menu, it’s by no means an easy task. These are groceries, in particular products from fruits and vegetables, which you can use as an adequate substitute.

With them you can make a good sandwich, and the substrate for it is not full of calories and carbohydrates.


Although the level of carbohydrates in the potato is high, when using this vegetable instead of bread, it is a good substitute, especially if you include cardio training in your routine. After exercise, this nutrient is needed by the body, and the bread is certainly not a good choice.


Cut the pepper, add cheese and a piece of ham in the interior, then spice up and get an interesting and tasty sandwich.


Usually we use the tomato as part of a sandwich, but if you want to lose weight, change tactics. Just eject the bread, spread the ingredients among the delicious parts of the vegetables and get a great replacement.


Cucumbers, olives and tomatoes are an ideal blend. You can chop them and fill them with cheese and garlic, ideas are unlimited, while for what you save calories, you do not need to talk.


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