Five myths about condoms


Although condoms have long been seen as the most popular means of contraception and are widely known, many still believe in some myths about the “rubber protector”.

Because we want things to be clearer, today we will refute some of the most famous myths about condoms.

The condom (or condom, as some people know) is a contraceptive in the widest use. In addition to protecting against unwanted pregnancy, it plays a major role in preventing some sexually transmitted diseases. But do not believe everything you hear about him.

“The lubricant will stop the shooting of the condom”

One of the most famous myths about condoms is that by putting a lubricant on the condom it will prevent its cracking. In fact, this is very wrong, because lubricants based on oil and petroleum can destroy the condom.

“Condom protects against all sexually transmitted diseases”

Condoms are not sufficient protection because they are powerless against genital herpes, HPV and syphilis. It is not sufficient protection either for herpes type 2 or for herpes type 1 (oral herpes), which has recently been found to be transmitted through a sexual act.

“If you are allergic to latex you can not use a condom”

In fact, you can. There are condoms that are not produced from latex, but from polyurethane and polyisoprene.

“Condoms should be worn in a wallet”

Again, this is wrong. At least in a way. Keeping the condoms in the wallet too much can contribute to the thinning of the material and make small holes that you certainly do not want there.

“Two condoms at once = double protection”

On the contrary, the use of two condoms suddenly reduces the protection. Why? Well, because it causes more friction and thus increases the possibility of one (or two condoms) cracking.


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