Five reasons why it’s best to practice in the morning


Starting the day with several exercises paves the way to a healthy and durable body. Experts often say that the morning is the best part of the day of exercise, and they also state reasons why this is so.

If you read these reasons to the end, you will probably even have the slightest dose of laziness and you will dedicate yourself to morning work from tomorrow.

Many topics related to fitness were subject to many controversies. For example, is it better to practice yoga or pilates, cardio exercises or classical training for strength and is it healthier to run outdoors or indoors. However, nothing separates fitness lovers more than whether it is better to practice in the morning or evening.

You start to eat healthier

“When you start working on improving your health, you will try to maintain the high standard,” says fitness expert Zack Deli.

Many people who put forth effort to weaken or “bully” know how difficult and painstaking the process they have to go through while maintaining their body. Therefore, a vast majority of them adapt to healthy lifestyles, so as not to return to the vices.

You will lower your blood pressure

People with high blood pressure often need medications that control this relatively dangerous condition. But lifestyle changes such as exercise in the morning can be helpful.

Scientists have proved that those people who exercise daily in the morning have managed to reduce blood pressure by 10%. After exercise, the pressure will remain normal and the evening before bedtime will be further reduced.

Mood enhancement

During exercise, the body releases endorphins, which are basically a natural pain medication. If the endorphin starts to work on the brain early in the morning, then you will surely feel better and be moody, which will give you perfect conditions for a positive and productive working day.

More leisure time in the afternoon and evening

After a hard day’s work, many people want to rest by laying them in bed, so it’s hard to imagine that anything can convince them that they should visit a gym at such moments. But if they practice in the morning, they will have more time for rest, but also for activities during the day and evening.

Quality dream

Experts say that people who practice early in the morning have a better sleep at night. This is quite logical, because exercise in the morning activates your body and gives it energy throughout the day, and you are already exhausted in the evening and you fall asleep.


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