Five tips to help you overcome insomnia


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If you suffer from insomnia, here are some things you can do to win it.

Night rest is a priority

Make every effort, regardless of your life circumstances and obligations, to give him an indispensable place of night rest. Only if you are rested can you access it in the right way.

Tell him no caffeine

Studies have shown that a cup of coffee at least five hours after consumption is stimulating. While coffee is a stimulant, it can also cause waking.

The night is for sleep

After family responsibilities, for many, work in the late evening hours is the only time left. Experts who deal with sleep problems say that intellectual work during the evening increases the level of adrenaline, which can affect sleep and sleep quality.

Regular exercise

Numerous studies have shown that people who exercise regularly before going to bed or exercise replace it with some physical activity as a walk, they have much smaller problems than those who spend time at bedtime in front of the television screens.

Bedroom as an oasis

Intimacy in the bedroom should be one of the imperatives. With every entry into the bedroom, leave everyday problems in front of the door.


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