Flying fees in Vienna


The Chinese producer EHang in Vienna for the first time presented the taxi driver to the public. It is about EHang 216, an unmanned spacecraft capable of transporting two passengers at low altitudes at a distance of 35 kilometers.

The technology is available and ready for industrial production, but awaits approval from the aviation authorities for this type of aircraft.

“Our main challenge is no longer technology, but the regulations and whether the public is ready to use these devices,” said Deriox Xiong, CEO of the company.

The presentation was attended by journalists and photographers who were invited for a short trial drive. Among the first clients are the oil companies, companies that deal with organ transplantation and travel agencies. Taxi-drone will not be offered for sale to private buyers. By 2021, 300 drones will be produced.

Among the companies that develop taxi-drones are Airbus, Boeing and the German Volocopter.


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