For fans of BMW: How to create the new Series 3?


The Bavarian automaker announced five videos for its fans in which it represents five different production stages of the new generation of the “three”.

The new BMW 3 Series debuted at the start of October at the Paris Motor Show. This model will be manufactured in Germany and Mexico, and China will be developing the version with extended inter-wavelengths designed for the local market.

The seventh generation of the Series 3 will be labeled G20 and will be on sale on March 19, 2019. Then the smallest version that can be bought will be diesel with 150 hp, with a starting price of 37,850 euros.

The fans of the German automotive giant can first be introduced to the bodybuilding process:


Then they can find out how the process of painting the vehicles flows:

The control of the quality of the painting follows:

The cameras move to the part of the factory where the vehicle is assembled:

Lastly, finished cars go through a final quality check:


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