Fotky na pláži:  5 triků se kterými budete v plavkách vypadat úžasně.


The biggest secret of professional photographers and models to perfect and beautiful figure.

If you have the impression that all look at summer pictures on Facebook and Instagram so great you’re right, but you also do not have to look bad.

You can learn professionally and pose in the end you’ll look great too.

To this end, we discover five tricks used by professional photographers and models.

Folding first.

If you hold the camera straight and tilt will automatically figure slimmer, your legs and arms will be less than if they really are, and the whole silhouette will be distorted.

2. Put your hands on your hips.

Bend your arms at the elbows and put it on the sides – like you are angry and shouting at someone. If your hand firmly pushes your passport and your fingers are closest together, you have largely visually narrow waist.

3. Lift the jaw.

If you pick up the lower part of your face, your neck then automatically looks longer, stronger and more beautiful and thus the whole figure.

4. Try a semi-profile.

Have you noticed that most of the stars on the red carpet in front of photographers emerges so that the first turns his back and then turns to the camera in semi-profile?

In this attitude, you will see a lot of stars because the silhouette of the body has the perfect look, especially if you keep one leg straight and one knee slightly permitted.

5. Frogova perspektiva.

Whether a man who will also make a photo from the bottom, as far as possible to the ground.

This way you get a whole new perspective – your legs will look longer than they really are, and it will seem that your chest violates the laws of gravity.


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