French Spiderman arrested after climbing Heron tower


French adventurer Alan Robert, nicknamed “French Spiderman” for his fearless approach to climbing tall buildings, overcame yet another hurdle – Heron Tower, 202 meters high.

Police confirmed that Alan Robert, 56, was arrested shortly after he had finished the struggle and got out of the building.

The Frenchman is known for his climbs of buildings and tall buildings without using ropes or protective equipment. It has so far boasted that it has climbed over 150 high-rise buildings, including Burj Khalifa in Dubai (the tallest building in the world), the Eiffel Tower and the Sydney Opera House, and added Heron tower in London yesterday.

“I feel lively when life is in danger,” said Robert.

He first dealt with climbing mountains, and from the mid-1990s he started climbing skyscrapers and tall buildings, and his manager said he was approaching the number of 160 crafted objects.

It took Alan Robert 40 minutes to climb to the top of Heron Tower, and the descent into the building awaited a police unit that led him to “disrupting public order and peace”.


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