Gay penguins from Sydney have become parents


Gay couple penguins in the Sydney Aquarium Life have become parents after drinking the egg they adopted.

The same-sex couple Sfen and Magic have become a viral sensation after being given the opportunity to adopt an unspoken egg because they have shown that they can be caring parents.

Today, it was announced that their baby was drinking and the penguins became the first couple of fathers in the aquarium.

The male cub does not have a name yet, and it is difficult to drink 91 grams on October 19, at 5 pm and 54 minutes local time.

This is the first baby of the type of subarctic penguin drunk in the aquarium after a colony of penguins was taken there in 2016.

The aquarium said the penguin will be “the ambassador of his generation” and will help educate the public about this precious species and the dangers it faces in the wild.

“After showing that they have an innate parental instinct and dumping a fake egg that was given by the aquarium employees, the pair of male penguins repaired the real egg of a couple who carried two eggs in the breeding season in 2018,” the aquarium statement said.

“The baby has already won our hearts!” We enjoy watching parenting parents take care of him together and in shifts, “says Tish Chanan, the supervisor of the penguin dwelling in the aquarium.

“The first 20 days of the life of the penguin are most delicate and it is very important for the baby to be happy, healthy and fed. We are barely waiting for the rest of the world to fall in love with the penguin, as he fell in love with his parents Sfen and Magic! “


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