Getting to know your partner is good for the relationship, say scientists  


Scientists at the North Carolina State University have proven that if you make jokes at the expense of your partner, it is great to strengthen the relationship, but only if you know where to draw the border.

Professor Geoffrey Hall, a researcher at the Department of Communicology at the University of Kansas, analyzed 39 studies with a total of 1,500 participants, focusing on the importance of humor in romantic relationships.

According to him, the fact that others think you are funny or that you can make smiling than anything is not related to how satisfied you are with the relationship, and you and your partner.

It’s about the humor that couples create together, that is, things and themes that are commonly funny.

For example, both of you prefer black humor, and jokes in a tiny series and romantic comedies are not at all funny to you.

It’s not about the fact that a kind of humor is better or worse than the other, but when you make a joke at the expense of a partner in a style that both of you are hilarious, this deepens your connection and strengthens your stability.

When you know the other so much that you can make a joke on his account without being offended, it creates a stronger bond between you two.

Sure, you should be careful. Some jokes that are funny between you two may not be appropriate for a company.


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