Hidden iPhone tricks that you need to know


Even if you use iPhone for years, it’s almost impossible to know all the hidden features and praise your phone keeps in you. There are many of them, especially after iOS 11’s release on the market.

Some of these tricks will be very useful to you, while others will make using your phone much more interesting. In any case, it’s good to know them.

With the arrival of iOS 11, you can have a lot more fun photos via Live Photos on iPhone, but also to change it to your liking with the pre-prepared effects. To add effects to the photo, just press up and a menu with three options will open: Loop, Bounce and Long Exposure. Then, select the one you think will best suit the photo.

Shoot the screen

iOS 11 also has a new screen capture capability, much more useful than it looks at first glance. Go to Settings, then in Control Center, and add the Screen Record option by pressing the “+” button. Once you have finished doing this, just go to the Control Center and this option will always be in your hand.

Keyboard for one hand

We often know how to use the phone with one hand, for one of the most common reasons that other hands are busy. Since Apple thought about it, they also complemented the new iOS 11 with a single-handed keyboard. To activate it, hold the power button for longer and move the keyboard left or right.

Stay safe on the roads

Always try to be safe while driving. And the easiest way to do it with the “Do not disturb” option on your iPhone. She will feel when driving and will leave you in peace, without any distractions. To activate it, go to Settings – Control Center – Adjust the controls, and then press the “+” button in Do Not Disturb while driving.


If you have a version of the operating system older than iOS 11, then you probably do not know how to deal with music that continues to play even after you fall asleep. Well, with iOS 11 it’s no longer a problem because Apple has decided to insert the timer as one of the additional options on the phone. To access the timer, go to the Clock application and select the timer, then select the time interval until you want the music to play. Once that time disappears, the music will disappear.


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