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Love between the two emotional partners does not guarantee a great sex. This is why even the couples who are most fond of the world do not go very well in bed.

Expert Tracey Cox says it’s hard to get into someone’s intimacy, and to share tips, because every relationship is special, and relationships are not that simple. “However, several tips can be given, or answers to questions that are interested in the majority of women, “said the Daily Mail therapist.

These are the six hot questions about sex, whose answers every woman wants to know:

Should I leave my partner if he can not give me an orgasm?
“We need to be clear on this issue. No one can give you an orgasm. You must take it. This means that you should learn how to come to culmination, with the help of a vibrator, or masturbation. Later, show your partner how to do the same. Point out how to use the tongue and fingers, explaining what kind of stimuli you need.

It is important to note that the majority of women are the hardest to reach orgasm during penetration. Of course, there are men who are well acquainted with the female body, that is, the way it reacts to intimate stimuli. However, if you do not belong to this group, then teach him exactly what excites you.

Communicate and sigh, every time they hit you in the “golden” point. ”

What’s worse – to have annoying sex or not at all?
“Practicing constant monotonous sex, you do not do but just no service. In such situations, most sex therapists advise couples to pause. Sexual abstinence can be of benefit to the emotional life.

Restraining from relationships and starting again, are often the only way out of the toxic relationship between the sexes and the love affair of the partners.

Sometimes, it’s not a bad thing to ask for help from a good sex therapist, who with his advice will help to overcome the problem, returning the intima of the right track. Make a break from sex for a month, and focus on foreplay.

When something is forbidden, it automatically becomes more attractive, and when thirty days pass, you will long for penetration. ”

Should I give my partner oral sex?
“It’s really a good idea for both of you to give oral sex. Refusing your partner, you not only disable this extremely satisfying part of sex, but at the same time you will hurt his own.

With statements such as “I’m disgusting” or “I’m not nice”, the other side can easily think that in fact his genitals are disgusting, that is, you do not like how they look or what kind of are smell and taste.

36% of women and 31% of men feel insecure when the sexual organ is in question. This is revealed by the results of a US survey of 1,000 respondents from the United States and Europe regarding the issue that is most appealing to people during sex.

Just because you do not like it does not mean that a partner must forever abandon this type of pleasure. It is selfishly that every intimate act comes down to your personal satisfaction. ”

Can the affair save the marriage and sexual life of partners?
“There is a theory that sex” aside “can maintain and strengthen the multi-year marriages, while trying to keep the passion between spouses. If you ask couples whose marriage broke up because of adultery, they would not agree with this theory at all.

The affair itself is not the main cause of the interruption of relationships, but the lies that people can not live. And the idea of ​​having an affair to spice up sexual life with an emotional partner sounds really bright.

After all, it does not necessarily mean that sex with the lover will be better than that at home. The reason why the scams are so attractive lies in the fact that it is something new and exciting. If you want to regain the passion in the bed with your longtime partner, plan and make as many sexual encounters as possible outside your home.

These are strategies that can create a scenario of adulterous sex, but with their own partner. When planning intimate encounters with your lovers, you are thinking about when and where you will meet, how to settle, what kind of underwear to choose, and what will most impress you when you take off, etc.

Well, why not try your relationship? Remember that adulterous sex is not spontaneous sex, but planned sex. The affair can save your sex life, only when a partner is involved in it

If you are in a new relationship, do you consider sex with the former for infidelity?
“Of course yes. There may be catastrophic consequences for everyone involved in the triangle. Maybe it does not seem like a betrayal, because it is not a new and unknown partner, but it will also be a betrayal for the incumbent, given the history of the last relationship, as well as the feelings associated with it.

As for the former, what you see as a single satisfaction can be interpreted as a desire to renew the relationship with him. One thing is certain – sex with the former will be far worse for the current boyfriend than if you committed adultery with a complete stranger.

Because of the affair, there is a danger of losing a new partner, as well as forgiving of any relationship with old love, and that is a disaster because you could be friends. Do not even think of adultery with the former if you want your current relationship to last and survive. ”

How can I suggest sex in a triple, not to lose my partner?
“You must be very careful here. Even if your partner is sometimes joking about that topic, this does not mean that you really would do such a thing. Facing the actual fantasy in reality can cause various doubts and fears.

Try to start the conversation by telling you that you have listened to or read about sex in a triple, and that many people practice it. Later, ask him for personal opinion. His reaction will tell you everything – whether there are chances, or not. ”


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