How did the world’s most beautiful woman beat the famous actor?


French actor Vincent Cassel was married to Italian actress Monica Bellucci. After 14 years of marriage and two daughters, the couple divorced. Many wonder how the actor managed to overcome this fatal beauty.

Today, Kassel expects a child with his current wife, model Tina Kunakej who is younger than him for 30 years.

Asked about how he managed to beat Bellucci, Cassel replied:

“I used to suffer more, you know, sometimes you have to suffer to do something interesting. Life is so difficult to look for more suffering. I try to enjoy what I do because it seems to me that we get to know ourselves best when we are having fun. My dreams are very simple. Health, children, at least a dozen, and enough money to be free, because in the end everything comes down to freedom, “says Cassel.


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