How does the boss of Alibaba employ: There is no best and do not hire experts


The development of the company implies engaging the right employees. That’s best known to one of the most successful people in the world, owner of Alibaba Jack Ma, who admits it took time while mastering the skill of hiring the right people.
In his address at a conference last week, Ma recalled the mistakes he made in the early days of Alibaba.

“Before starting the first funds, which were $ 5 million, I hired many vice-presidents of multinational companies. One of the marketing managers came and said: “Sir, this is our business plan for the next year,” said Ma.

It turned out that the plan was made to cost $ 12 million, and since I could not afford such a plan, I asked him what further he admitted to me that he had never worked on a business plan under $ 10 million.

“I told myself, okay, this is my fault, not his,” Ma admits, adding that it is very important to hire people appropriate to the scale of the project, not only appropriate for education and experience.

Since then, Alibaba has grown into a giant for e-commerce with more than 80,000 employees worldwide and is one of the most attractive employers in China, according to the ranking of the consulting company Universum.

“Avoid people who are ‘best’ and ‘experts’,” he advises.

“I do not want to hire people who come as experts because there is no expert on the future, there are always experts here until yesterday,” Ma said.

“There are no best people. The best people are already in your company, you need to do the best, “he says.

Start by finding people who are willing to learn and who are not afraid to make mistakes.

Ma also put emphasis on optimism. He said this feature helped him build the giant Alibaba as it is today.

“As a businessman, if you are not an optimist then you are in trouble,” he said.


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