How many people have sexual partners and where are you ranked?


It’s one of the fun things you can ask someone, but they also ask you – How many people have you had sex with?

The latest research has shown the average number of sexual partners in a lifetime and the results may surprise you.

The euroClinix health organization conducted a survey of 2,000 respondents in the UK to learn more about their sexual lives.

The results found that 25% of people had sex with two to four people in their lives.

It is surprising that 14% of the respondents said that they had sex with only one partner in their life so far.

There are 2% of respondents who have had a significantly more active sex life and over 91 sex partners.

4% said they do not know how many people exactly had sex.

If we look deeper in the analysis of the results, we will see that London respondents reported the highest number of sexual partners and 5% of them had more than 91 sex partners in life.

Older respondents turned out to be sexually curious: 3% of respondents aged 35-44 said they had more than 91 sex partners.

In which percentage do you count according to the number of sexual partners? Check out the results:

0 – 3%

1 – 14%

2-4 – 25%

5-9 – 22%

10-15 – 13%

16-20 – 7%

21-30 – 4%

31-40 – 2%

41-50 – 1%

51-70 – 1%

71-90 – 1%

91 and more – 2%

I do not know – 4%


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