How Much Should Women Exercise And How Many Men?


When it comes to physical activity, women who want to live 90 years should have roughly the same weight as their twenties, according to the latest research.

In researching Dutch scientists, 8,000 men and women were tracked in their sixties. They examined how many pounds they had when they were young. Scientists have found that women who gained little weight during their lives in terms of the number of kilos of their youth are more likely to wait for the tenth decade of life.

It was also analyzed how many participants were physically active, it turned out that men were more active and had more chances to experience 90 years.

The best effect on women’s health is one hour a day, more and more of it begins to harm them over time. In physical activity there are moderate activities such as arranging the garden, walking the dog, cycling and team sports.

Women who have been physically active between 30 and 60 minutes a day have 21 percent more chances to experience the ninetieth year of life than those who practice half an hour. The chances of this are greatest if you practice one hour a day.

Men who practice half an hour a day have 34 percent more chances to wait for the tenth decade of life, and the chance is 39 percent higher for those who practice 90 minutes a day.

Scientists do not know why exercise works differently on the longevity of men and women, but they think it probably has to do with hormones, genes, lifestyle and the like.


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