How often do women make mistakes in the gym?



Sean Woertu was once a personal trainer of David Beckham, and now he reveals the most common mistakes women make in the gym.

1. Do not lift heavy weights

Although it has been proven to be good for women to lift weights, Vertu points out that it has good psychological effects.

“You’ll feel much better than lifting heavy objects. We must be strong, carry a child in one hand, and a laptop in the other. Women today must be very strong, “she says.

2. They lose the time of torso exercises, stomach

When you start browsing the internet about how to get your hands out, tighten your stomach and buttocks, or similarly, you’ll find empty promises or exercises that will supposedly help you. The fact that women are trying to melt fat on an exact part of the body is a waste of time.

“We have to think of the body as a whole. If you have a little time, make more complex movements, stepping stones, push-ups and jaws. It will affect all muscles, so you can exercise it shorter, “she advises.

3. Listen to advice from unqualified people

Thanks to social networks, anyone who has a smartphone and fancy sports clothes can be declared a fitness surgeon.

“Nothing can stop Instagram people from advising you to make a step by step to-day without any knowledge of it. Often we copy trainings to others from social networks, and then do them wrong. Not only does it come to harm in this way, but it does not have an effect if it does wrong, “she warns.



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