How often have sex couples living together?


People often ask how much sex other people have and how normal it is to have sex, especially when they already live together and at least space is not a problem. The fact is that at the beginning of the relationship, if the couple is sexually active, sex is regularly “on the menu”, and as the time passes, the intensity of sexual activity decreases.

There are many factors that affect sex life, such as age, health, libido, lifestyle, stress level and so on.

Exploring the Kinsey Institute for Sex, Reproduction and Sex answers these questions.

Some of the conclusions of the research team are not a big surprise, at least in terms of age groups.

People aged 19 to 29 have the most sexual intercourse with their partners, on average 112 sex sessions annually, that is, twice a week.

In the group of 30 to 39 years, the figure is 86 times a year or an average of 1.6 times a week, and the couples from 40 to 49 have sex only 49 times a year.

The decline in the number of sexual activities with the increase in age should be reflected in a broader context: family responsibilities, everyday stress and worries, worsening of health … all this affects the desire, energy and time for sex.

Science also gives an accurate figure on how long the average sexual intercourse lasts.

Scientists point out that the respondents who participated in the survey defined the “duration of sex” literally from the initial penetration to the completion of the sexual act, with or without ejaculation, which means that this does not include foreplay and kissing.

The study found that sex lasts from 33 seconds to 44 minutes, making an average of 5.4 minutes.

Scientists also succeeded in refuting some myths, such as older men do not “support” more than youth. On the contrary, the older the males are, the shorter the sexual act is.

Sexologists still agree on one question: the people in the relationship are more likely to enjoy sex.


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