How to avoid fatigue during long-term driving?


Fatigue is considered one of the five fatal causes of traffic accidents, responsible for even 20 percent of all traffic accidents that occur.

Many riders will admit that at least once in their life they were tired of driving, and for some reason did not stop. The feeling when your eyes are closed for 2 seconds, and you drive further, can cost you life!

The level of fatigue is something that every rider must follow in order not to endanger his own and the life of other traffic participants. That is why, the Republic Council for Road Traffic Safety, with advice as to the course of driving to stay awake.

RUTA: If you are heading for a long way, choose a more interesting route. Travel along the roads that require more focus, greater speed changes, more braking, or travel along roads that have more riding content.

PLAN: Alongside the road, plan and stop stops. Do not overdo your desire to go at a distance as quickly as possible. If you are traveling in a group, be aware that maybe they do not have all the fitness to withstand like you and that a break will be of great benefit to someone.

GOOD TEST: The night before you go on a trip, do not stay awake until late and do not overdo it with alcohol. It is extremely important that you do not start too early if you are not sufficiently rested.

WATER: Drink more water. First of all this will prevent the possibility of dehydration, which can lead to dizziness, confusion and poor motor skills. Avoid drinking lots of sugar and alcohol.

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FOOD: Eat less and avoid “heavy” food. Such foods can slow down your body that will be concentrated on digestion.

PAUSE: Make short breaks every two hours. Long breaks are recommended between 15 and 17 o’clock because drivers are more tired at this time of the day. It’s best to plan your time and, if possible, reach the desired destination by this time.

EXERCISE: Move during the break. An ordinary walk will be enough for that.

MUSIC: Some people say listening to music while driving is softer. Depends on what you are listening to. It is often recommended to listen to “hard or lively” music. Noise in the wind can also tire the driver. Watch out for the windows.

GROUPS: Drive in a small group if possible. It’s easy to lose concentration when driving alone.

FRESH AIR: Leave fresh air and oxygen in the car as often as possible. The fresh air keeps you awake and concentrated and refreshes the driving ability.

PRE-FIGHTING: Do not move behind other vehicles. If it is safe, spend it because overtaking awakens the feelings. When driving long behind another vehicle, the focus on this vehicle may be a hypnotic, sleepy action. But do not think that driving at high speed can keep you awake. It’s best to have a balance.


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