How to Continuing Female Orgasm?  


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Learn a few techniques that will continue your enjoyment.

For long enjoyment

You can continue the orgasm for a few seconds for more than a minute. Perhaps the minute does not work for you long, but in moments when you are assimilated by strong orgasm, the minute seems like eternity. You will feel the difference when you learn to prolong orgasm.

To maintain a high level of wakeboard, learn to twist your pelvic muscles. When you start doing it before an orgasm, you will prolong its duration and discover new and new waves of enjoyment. Another important part of the continuation of the orgasm is breathing. When you start feeling orgasm, exhale slowly. The longer you exhale, the orgasm will last longer. More about methods for continuing orgasm is written by author Rachel Carlton Abrams.

Deep pelvic orgasm

At the beginning of the excitement, the inner part of the vagina swells and narrows, the deep part of the vagina continues, and the uterus rises. When a woman is very excited she easily experiences vaginal orgasm for which the uterine muscles and the back of the vagina are important. The pelvic muscle does not rhythmically rush, but is relaxed. The deep part of the vagina is sore. Some women experience this orgasm spontaneously, and some learn how to experience an orgasm deep inside the uterus. When orgasm increases heart rate, and muscles are tense.

Deep orgasm is the opposite. Cardiac rhythm is normal, and enjoyment is felt deep and is distributed throughout the body. Stimulation of the clitoris leads to orgasm, but for deep orgasm stimulation of the vagina is required. If you want to achieve a deep orgasm, it is important to pelvic pelvic muscles and relax, that is, you do not have any barriers in the brain that could disrupt your enjoyment. Before sex, it is advisable to go to the bathroom to prevent possible urination during moments of complete relaxation.

Taoist deep orgasm

You can achieve deep orgasm alone or with a partner using Taoist sexual techniques. In order to wake the deep points of enjoyment and to achieve deep orgasm you need to have an egg from the jade to carry out the exercise. The jade egg is put into the vagina and tightens the vaginal muscles. The egg is tied to a cord that can be slowly drawn out during the squeezing exercise, which at the same time represents a greater effort for the muscles. Women who practice with jade eggs claim that it aroused sensations in their vagina that they had not felt before and that with the squeezing of the vaginal muscles during sexual intercourse and for their partner, they enjoyed greater enjoyment.

In China in the past, these exercises were performed by royal women only, but today a jade egg can be bought at each store specializing in semi-precious stones, ie minerals. Choose the size of the egg itself and make sure it is clean before you use it. It would be best to boil it in water. When it cools, slowly start the exercise and pay attention to the moisture of the vagina. It may happen that you do not feel the eggs as you do not feel the tampon, for example. In that case, buy a larger egg or, when clenching, pull the cord to the outside. If possible, perform the exercise by standing because it will help you to more easily clench the vaginal muscles when you want to prolong the orgasm.


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