How to get the most out of every training?


If you are wondering how some people during the week can make a combination of judo training, yoga classes and ballet walking, you need to know that the secret of success consists in making a schedule and a gradual start of exercise.

If you are a beginner, do not overdo it with exercise in the first phase. It is most optimal to start two trainings a week, so after one month of exercise, two or three times increase the intensity by practicing an extra day of the week.

For secondary and advanced level practitioners, your goal should be four to five trainings per week, with more intensity.

Choose different types of trainings in which you will enjoy, because in this way you are most likely to be regular and enduring in exercise. The ideal combination consists of two or three training exercises, two or three conditioning trainings, and then one or two recovery sessions, with yoga, stretching, swimming or a long walk.

In skateboards for four to six weeks, make a change in the frequency, intensity, time or type of exercises. For example, increase the weight you lift when exercising for strength, increase bicycle resistance, or change the pace of running.

To succeed in your intentions, you must have clearly set the ultimate goal of exercise.

If you want to lose weight, try a mixture of strength training with cardio-focused conditioning exercises. For greater flexibility, practice yoga or pilates. Plan well your training for the entire week and hold the schedule.

Do not forget that you need a day-two rest, even at the level with the highest intensity of exercise.


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