How to improve sex life in a long relationship?


If from month to month or even year after year there is no improvement in sexual life, most often such a relationship ends with parting. But sexual therapist Shannon Chavez believes that it does not always have to be so.

According to her, marriage without sex can survive if both partners are willing to sacrifice, but also to agree on changes.

Here are some tips to improve your sex life:

1. Talk to your partner

You need to have intense communication with your partner if you want a fulfilling sex life. You need to keep in mind that good communication is an important prerequisite for all positive processes in life.

 2. Fulfillment of sexual fantasies

Try to fulfill the partner’s sexual fantasies, at least those who are able to carry them out. In return, you will inspire your partner to fulfill your goals.

3. Take it for yourself

Although there are people who try to satisfy their partner’s needs in bed and neglect their own. It’s a very wrong attitude, in that case you will never be happy. Make it clear to your partner that you want him to be satisfied, there is nothing wrong with that.

4. Men are very important to men

Many women said that their intimate life changed a lot for them after they realized that their men and boys were extremely important in their lives.

5. Planning the relationship

If you plan ahead in advance that you will have sex three times a month, hold on to that schedule and be persistent in that segment of your monthly obligations. In this way, men and women learn how to be responsible to their partner.


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