How to repair sex life quickly and easily?

Only after discussing what you want in bed can the likelihood of your sexual desires be increased, show recent research.

According to research at Notre Dame University in Maryland, macho men have a better sex life. The results showed that men who achieved the best results after a standardized questionnaire for masculinity rated him as their ideal sex life.

“The reason for this is that masculinity is related to self-esteem, and all this can help correct the image for itself. Your goals, high self-esteem and similar things are very important for masculinity, and all of this comes to the fore in the bedroom, “explains co-author of the study, Dr. Samantha Daniel.

The research reveals that communication in sex is very important and the ultimate conclusion is that you need to talk about what you want in the bed to satisfy your desires.

When expressing your wishes and needs to your partner, talk about it during the sexual act. According to the sexologist Gloria Bram, most women find it sexy to run disgraceful conversations during sex.

So spice up the sexual life with the power of the spoken words, writes Men’s Health.


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