How to safely drive in the rain?


Many drivers are very naively experiencing rain and bad weather, although with every next turn we reassure ourselves of the dangers that the rain brings with them. The heavy rainfall that hit the republic has prompted us to remind drivers and all traffic participants of the dangers that lurk on waterways, but also to advise them how to avoid them and safely arrive at the desired destination. and this rainy morning advises drivers, pedestrians and all participants in the traffic:

Beat it!

The road of braking the vehicle is considerably longer on a wet asphalt, especially if you have bad tires. Impulsive movements with the steering wheel, on the other hand, influence the easier loss of control over the vehicle.

Keep yourself in the middle of the road as long as the conditions for safe driving with vehicles from the opposite direction permit. Water is usually collected at the end of the road due to the flooring. If you are outside the city where the water freely spills from the asphalt, this advice does not apply.
Hold a longer distance with the car in front of you, and even greater if you are driving behind a truck or a bus. Their wheels throw out more water and thus significantly reduce the visibility and visibility of the road.
Be careful when overtaking, especially on trucks or buses. Helmets have a whole “army” of wheels that are able to make a whole cloud of droplets around you and thus prevent you from seeing vehicles coming from the opposite side.
Turn on the lights, there are drivers who still use headlights only at night.
Call carefully and timely, whether your car has ABS or not. ABS prevents wheel locking when braking on a slippery surface, but does not violate the laws of physics. Do not forget that there are other vehicles behind you that can hit you.
Beware of “large ponds” because they can hide a drill hole, a larger stone, or simply an intricate piece of electronics and stay along the road with a car extinguished (although many cars are immune to “showering”).

Take special care when driving. The brightness of the headlamps of the vehicles coming from the opposite side are refrained from the road and blind you, with rainfalls under the headlights drastically reducing visibility and further blinding you.
Watch out for pedestrians and cyclists who wear caps, umbrellas, coats and can not hear or see you, and they know very much to change the direction of movement to avoid a “pond”.
Take care of the pedestrians in the urban environment because they begin to run like “flies without heads” when the rain begins, crossing the street from the pedestrian crossing and in the red, and it is not even known to jump through larger intersections along the diagonal.
Preventive measures:

Replace wipers.
Add washer fluid to the windshield.
Wipe all the glasses from the inside to prevent blurring. We recommend the use of some anti-blurring agent.
Check the tire hinges, the more buoyant the tread pattern is, the greater the chance of a higher speed of slipping.
Check all lights (short, long, flashing, stop lights, fog lamps …), and it will not be bad to wash them quickly.
Check the spare tire. In the rain it is much more likely to pass through a hole, to tear off the tire and to damage the fell.
Extreme situations

If there is a pouring of a river through the road, do not try to drive by car if you are not sure that the water is shallow.
Rain can be very strong and intense. Therefore, it is best to stand on the side, mandatory off the road, to play the position lights, turn on the four turn signals and wait for the storm to calm down. These weather conditions usually do not last more than 10 minutes.
Aquaplaning occurs when three factors match:

The amount of water
The quality of the tires (ie their ability to eject water) advises: Be a responsible driver, observe the rules and regulations that apply to the traffic and always, without exception, adjust the way you drive the vehicle to the road conditions. Do not let the journey turn into a tragedy.

Drive responsibly!


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