How to Tell a Selfish Lover?


It can be very frustrating if you are in a relationship with a partner who is concentrated solely on his own pleasure … especially in bed. How to recognize a selfish lover who wants to satisfy only his needs and desires, not thinking of your enjoyment?

Rapids foreplay

There are many reasons why someone skips foreplay without having to do with selfishness. Perhaps his previous girlfriend did not like a foreplay, so he came to the conclusion that women did not want it. Perhaps it is a matter of fear that if foreplay lasts for a long time, it will not “endure” to “the main act”.

If for you foreplay is an important part of the whole sex act, tell it to your partner. If, however, he ignores and hurries to the sex in which he is the main player, your partner is a selfish lover.

Ignores your enjoyment

If your partner mocks your sexual fantasies and even the simplest wishes in bed – like caressing after sex – it’s a sign of selfishness. There is no better proof that your partner is not interested in your satisfaction with turning his back and falling asleep just as the sex ends.

Praise your friends with your sex

We all want to praise our loved ones when we are happy or even to share that we have had fantastic sex, but when it passes into sharing picnic, it is not only a sign of tastelessness, it is also an indicator of selfishness – it is more important to him to appear as a “messenger” to friends rather than to protect your intimacy, neglecting your emotions.

Use your orgasm as a trophy

One thing is that your partner is interested in what brings you to sexual excellence and what you need to do to experience orgasm.

It’s completely different to ask you how you experienced a culmination in order to fill the ego with it and make it feel like a macho. Again, his enjoyment and “success” are more important, and this is a sign that he is a selfish lover.


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